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About Us

Our Vision

“90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone”*

The 21st century is the century of data. The world is moving faster than ever. Companies have to make decisions by taking into account data on competition, market evolution, public perception through social media networks, or political contexts. The ability to make quick decisions has become critical. ViJump has been created specifically, to provide companies with a holistic tool to capture the wealth of data found on the web today.

New technologies, such as artificial intelligence and big data are the current solution to fuel company growth by providing the right information at the right time. ViJump’s vision is to support businesses by strategically collecting and sharing the most relevant real-time information.


*Source:  Forbes, 2018, Bernard Marr


ViJump has distinguished itself by presenting its own vision of strategic monitoring and receiving many awards for it:

The first one is the Start-Up Weekend organized in Basel during which ViJump won the second prize in 2014. After that, in 2017, the Tango & Scan competition, where the young company from Strasbourg took first place, thanks in particular to its close collaboration with LICRA. Then, ViJump was been rewarded by Damien Silès, Director of the Quartier of Innovation in Montreal, for its “Hate Tracker” project. Finally, through these multiple events, the company has collaborated several times with recognized entities such as French Tech’ Alsace and HEC Montreal.

Thank you to our partners!

Our values

Innovation first.

New approaches in the monitoring world

Combining technical and strategic expertise, we respond to many entrepreneurial and social issues by offering solutions built around artificial intelligence. Recognizing the importance of data, we are constantly striving to innovate by integrating new features for faster and more complete information capture. ViJump works every day to perfect its platform so that it remains easy to use, efficient and creates value to companies.

Social responsibility.

Hate tracking with activists

Fully committed to bettering our society, we promote values of respect and multiculturalism by collaborating with organizations that track hate speech such as LICRA.

ViJump provides a new way to track hate speech and is a real game changer for organizations that fight for a better world.

Greatly ambitious.

Bring new solutions to new issues

Turned towards the future, ViJump take into consideration its clients needs and comments to improve and build the best solutions for future needs. Mixing innovation, social responsibility and sense of service, our company strives to grow around ambitious new projects.