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Monitoring Solutions

A solution for all businesses

Small Business

You do not have a dedicated monitoring team but you are still convinced that data is the key to success in developing your business?

We provide a turn-key service and will manage your campaign for you, adapted to your specific needs!

Larger Corporation

Support your internal activities with data provided by ViJump. Integrate our platform to your existing processes and get the right insight at the right time for new opportunities. Our services include the possibility of API integration into your IT solutions and training for your teams so you can be autonomous in using the platform.

A new horizon in monitoring intelligence

ViJump Monitoring Platform

1• Campaign Configurator

Define your topics of interest to customize the information. ViJump allows you to create equations and combinations of topics, keywords and stopwords to enhance the monitoring performance like no other solution!

2• Discovery

Monitoring a variety of media on the Web, our innovative Discovery module automatically searches matching content to provide you with automatic suggestions of the most relevant sources, keywords and topics to further enhance your campaign. 

3• ViJump Analyzer

With our analysis tool and comprehensive dashboard: get all the relevant data in one place. They allow you to gather word clouds, social network KPIs, graphs, historical trends, top sources, top contents, top influencers, etc. all in one location.

Need something even more tailored? Our interface is compatible with Tableau to build your own interactive dashboard for a perfect match to your internal process.

4• Holistic Approach

ViJump can listen and monitor whatever you want with a 360° monitoring approach that includes videos, streaming platforms, websites, press releases, radio, blogs, etc. From a simple URL to a real time video streaming channel, you only need one monitoring tool: ViJump!

5• Automatic Alerts

Automatic alerts increase your responsiveness by notifying you in real-time through your smartphone or via email as soon as something has been detected.

6• Share & Report

ViJump provides you with an easy and simple way to share the results of your data analysis with your team, so you can efficiently optimize the use of your campaign data results.

We support your business for the best results.

We understand your monitoring needs.

Whether you want to measure the efficiency of your marketing campaign, your company is facing a crisis, or you have a business idea and you need support in launching a product, ViJump is here to assist you in identifying the best way to tailor the platform to your needs.

We build your campaigns.

Time is precious and reacting quickly to the changing landscape in your industry can be crucial. We can help you save time by configuring your campaigns for you. Our experts will ensure that you get everything you need as quickly as possible!    

We help adjust and optimize.

We help you adjust the campaigns to ensure you get the most optimized data for your needs. Our experts will also train your teams so you can become more efficient and autonomous.

Run and act.

With the right data at the right time, all you need is to act and make the best decisions.






New Toolambition

Helping you master ViJump is important to us.

Improving the relevance of your campaigns starts by understanding how to translate the knowledge of your business and your industry’s specifications into our technology. Our team will provide you training to ensure your company understands how to adapt the platform to your needs for the most efficient monitoring intelligence.

Our experts will help your staff learn how to use our advanced features, ensuring that your teams become autonomous in driving their own monitoring campaigns to success.


Advanced features


Search and access all content

A feature that provides you with the ability to search very easily within your analyzed content as you would do on Google or another search platform.

Whatever the content, be it TV channels, streaming videos, press releases, radio, social networks, or websites. Vitèque allows you to search using selected keywords, period filters, types of source, sentiments or trends to refine your search.


Be reactive at all times!

Benefit from real-time alerts via smartphone or email to help you be continuously informed. With ViJump, you will never be late on reviewing relevant information.

Our platform allows you to define your own alert criteria so you will only be notified if it is valuable.

Video Content Player

Easily search inside videos!

Our video player is currently the most advanced “inside video content” French search tool on the market.

It allows you to quickly navigate through hours of video contents by skimming the content ahead of time and directing you only to the most interesting extracts fitting your needs.


Get insights per region!

At ViJump, we believe that centralizing your efforts on specific regions help better target your strategy and gather more relevant data.

Because every region is different, ViJump provides a location filter to help you understand a specific market, local public opinion and any other relevant information that could be impacted by geographical location.

Available sources

ViJump is the only platform that provides holistic monitoring capabilities!

Whatever the source or content format, ViJump can analyze and generate a comprehensive dashboard to help you drive your business.