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Top trends in digital transformation

The digital transformation we are currently witnessing is leading to a renewal of all aspects of a company and its strategy. It is an inevitable step for all businesses.

Indeed, we are living in a digital age. Today’s digital channels are more and more numerous and influential. They are disrupting both business models and the organization within a company. The digital transformation is emerging as a central element of modern corporate strategy.

Nowadays, several trends in digital technology are being adopted by companies in order to make optimal use of the big DATA, which allows them to put forward the opinions of their customers and the brand’s position on the market. “In the age of digital transformation, almost everything can be measured and this will greatly help to guide the way companies operate.” (Digora, 2017).

Therefore, every decision must be analyzed, measured and supported by the application of analysis and data because it is important for the life of companies and organizations.

One of the latest trends in digital is the user/customer experience, which refers to the consumer’s opinion of the company. The latter being a result of their exchanges before, during and after the online purchase.

The company needs to establish a relationship of trust with its customer so that they do not turn to other competing brands. Customer experience is about building and maintaining a bond between the customer and the brand.

The more positive and high-quality the experience, the more the consumer will be loyal to the brand and will express positive opinions about it. Vijump offers to accompany its customers in the implementation of a monitoring campaign and remains at their disposal.

With ever-increasing competition in the monitoring market, innovation and creativity are therefore fundamental in order to stand out from the competition. In order to stand out from the competition, to evolve on the market and to ensure its sustainability.

New technologies must be evaluated, tested, analyzed and approved as quickly as possible.

The sooner the innovative idea is implemented, the more likely the company will be able to adapt and seize new opportunities. Vijump has adapted to today’s market by offering a tool that detects relevant information not only video content but also text content.

ViJump also participates in your digital transformation by integrating the KPIs that already exist in your company.

APIs are an efficient way to make two applications communicate with each other. They enable a fast and flexible ecosystem, allowing multiple platforms to be linked. With our standard Vijump API interface, access our data from your own tool. We are compatible with most IT solutions on the market for easy integration.

ViJump Watch has been specifically designed to offer users the opportunity to follow their product development, monitor the competition and identify market opportunities.

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