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Each business is different. We aim at providing specific solutions for each business. With ViJump you can get monitoring solutions fully tailored to your needs.














Stay aware!




























































Is the legal aspect a determining factor for you and your business?                               The ViJump monitoring platform allows you to identify content through a wide variety of sources. You can quickly detect information, analyze and spread it to the requester by being more responsive in your work. Our holistic analysis platform gives you the opportunity to expand your vision on the legal aspect by helping you on specific sectors with features dedicated to e-reputation, brand, media monitoring or follow-up of new regulations…

Regulation & legislative tracking

Brand management


Media monitoring

Business Intelligence































Business intelligence is largely used to help decision makers improve the key differentiators for their company. ViJump monitoring has been built specifically to give users the opportunity to follow product developments, monitor the competition and identify future market trends.

Competitors product & brand monitoring

Market analysis

Media monitoring


Public & Government Relations
































Engage and cultivate a positive reputation! Internally and externally, public and government relations play a major role in the success of a company. With the rise of digitalization and connectivity, information today can go viral in a matter of seconds and become accessible to your stakeholders. Whether you specialize in communications, politics or crisis management; we provide concrete solutions to help you achieve your objectives and to build a strategic advantage.

Public opinion


Crisis management



Media monitoring




































Develop your business!


Marketing tactics have greatly evolved over the years with the use of new digital technologies. ViJump’s monitoring platform allows for tailored functionalities to quickly glance at the mass data on the web in order to collect relevant information on your product; maximize your brand perception and increase the return on investment on marketing spends.


Brand management

Mix marketing

Leads generation for sales

Public Health

































The health and well being of the population is a priority. Of course, responsiveness plays a major role in the protection of the population and implementing regulations. The use of crisis management and perfect communication is essential in order to get the correct information out and avoid panic. Thanks to ViJump’s monitoring platform, you can get ahead of the pandemics and major public health issues by beginning safety regulations and anticipating the evolution of the public health sector.

Health and pandemic monitoring


Crisis management

Protection of the population





































Act in real time!























Information is at the heart of the financial world. As a financial actor, the responsibility to constantly learn about the market and its competitors is crucial in identifying opportunities. The financial investment is largely a result of a thought process, an effective analysis and a methodological strategy. Of course, responsiveness also plays a major role in the race for investment. Thanks to ViJump’s monitoring platform, you can already get ahead of the competition by getting real-time alerts on specific keywords.

Company stock optimization

Economic environment drivers

Politics & Events tracking

Market monitoring

Regulation & legislative tracking

Hate Tracking


































Build a better world!















“If your hate could be turned into electricity, it would enlighten the whole world.” Nikola Tesla

To paraphrase the Serbian inventor, hate is abundant on the web. It is increasingly more difficult, for activist and associations to detect then act on content that is drowning in a huge amount of data. At ViJump, we strive to help you quickly detect information that will facilitate your actions towards a climate of peace and respect.

Hate tracking